Thursday, April 07, 2011

Phase II

The picture window in Landry's office/darkroom.

Our shrunken pond here, with some dirt filled in around the periphery.

For the time being, we have an outdoor kitchen.

We may hang bamboo screens for privacy. The plan is to glass it all in, with sliding glass doors and mosquito screens.

Our composting toilet barrel will go here.

The cement foundation under the stairs cracked because the side of the ponds was eroding, eating away at the earth around the foundation.

We have some mangroves with good roots along the canal in the back to hold back the earth, and we need to plant lots of grasses -- lemongrass and vetiver.

Also, speaking of strong roots... At our place in Bangkok, we raised a sickly little bamboo plant that grew quite large and healthy over two years. It took us several hours of digging, tugging, pushing, cutting and scraping to unearth the bamboo rootball, but we did it! Our lovely gold bamboo (with delicate green streaks) will move with us to our jungle cabin.

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