Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Old wood, new bathroom sink

A little over a year ago (before we bought the land for our house), Landry walked by the neighboring recycle guys' shophouse and saw a bunch of old wooden window shutters. We bought about 17 from him, used several for the house, and had one leftover. Deciding that we wanted to try to use as much reclaimed and recycled material as possible, we used the last shutter as a countertop for the bathroom sink. The back of the sink is leftover rosewood (also reclaimed) from our flooring. We're now hunting for some elegant legs for the bathroom counter.

Our builders are homebuilders, but not furniture makers, so when they made the bench at the bottom of our loft stairwell, it looked raw, unfinished. We trimmed and filed the edges of the bench and then put a finished edge on it.