Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jungle trekking and our new mini pool

Preparing for the big trek with a milk boost.

In addition to the large park on the island, there are smalller community parks and walking paths on the island, including this little jungle jaunt that connects to a sidewalk just next to our house. Parts of the new jungle jaunt are paved, but you can also trail blaze.

 This large ball above comes from a "jak" tree, and each little pod has a white edible fruit inside.

On a separate note, we've upgraded our murky pond, which had a nasty tendency to turn bad in the dry season. We plan to put in a lot of plants as a natural cleaning system, and fish for mosquito control. It will also serve as a nice little dipping pool for us in the hot season.

We have one visitor who seems to like the new pond.

Aaaah, the cycling life.