Sunday, December 12, 2010


We are in the process of figuring out how to put up our kitchen and bathroom sinks and we would welcome any advice. I have always wanted a ceramic kitchen sink and thought I would only be able to find overpriced antiques. Fortunately, we found one on the sanitary goods street near Chinatown. It was made in Thailand and measures approximately 30 by 50 cm and about 30 cm deep.

We're thinking of putting the kitchen sink on a simple metal frame, so we can show the ceramic body, and then put the tap into a small extended counter-like area that would jut out behind the sink and would serve only to hold the tap.

Because our house has only one layer of wall, we do not have a place to hide pipes or to hold taps. This is also why we chose the metal piping for the electricity.

We're looking now for a solar water heater. We plan to have hot water for the shower and the kitchen sink.

This is our bathroom sink -- small and simple. It's light enough to hang from the vertical beams of our walls, we've been told, but we're still thinking of adding some sort of pedestal.

We're trying to do this on our own, but it often feels like we're trying to reinvent the wheel. Any tips or advice? Add your comments.


the principal said...

You could make a kitchen counter -- cement on a steel mesh frame is easiest -- and just suspend the sink in it. Or alternatively you could buy any cheap old wooden desk or cabinet from Wat Suan Kaew that has a big enough surface and cut a hole in the top (or two, counting a small one for the tap). A metal frame seems too much hassle.

Bathroom: they've done it very neatly at WFT with a sink just like that, using a little tin locker. Same principle.

de st Andre said...


Cher Landry I would recommend something simple as you say, but still matching the concept of your house. But you know that simple sometimes mean more expensive!!!!
Too bad I have a great one here in the US, I would be happy to give it to you but it weigh around 20 kilos.
Don't go for the round one, it doesn't match at all your house.
The rectangle one is nice. Don't you have the possibility to make one out of hammered copper or stainless steel metal?
As the Principal said, think alos about concrete. If you make a strong ,mesh with metal wire you can cast concrete in it and have somethin awesome that could fit your space.

You can do a cast out of plywood and give the shape you want.,r:3,s:0

courage mec