Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alisa's birthday at the house

This weekend we celebrated Alisa's birthday at our house. Takako brought beautiful homemade kimonos ...


Miki said...

You look very beautiful in the blue kiomono, Alisa!
And a bit belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you..and many more!

love, miss you.


P said...

Hey Alisa, this is awesome. You look amazing. Very nice photos. Happy belated birthday and hope we meet again soon.

Miss you both.
Des bises.

Karuna said...

Happy belated my look so beautiful in the kiomono. Wish you all the best the best and hope we see each other soon...Love. Karuna

mylifeinbangkok said...

nice! sorry i did not know it was your b-day party last sat..sorry i missed it!..:-( should have try to get away from work. anyhow, you look fantastica!