Monday, May 12, 2008

When life becomes unbearable

This Thai woman was imprisoned for 7 years in an Afghan prison for drug trafficking. She could get out if she paid a $6,000 fine, which she can't afford. She cries every time I meet her. She doesn't speak much English, but she has learned Dari, the Afghan dialect of Farsi, during her time in prison. She has pleaded with me to ask Thai authorities to transfer her to finish her sentence in a Thai prison.

She is miserable and has started to hurt herself. Last week, she cut deep gashes into her hand and foot. She says she also tried to overdose on painkillers. When I first met her this winter, she was suffering from the bitter cold. The second time, she had shaved her head because she caught lice. This time, the cuts.

To pass time, she strings tiny colored beads, transforming them into decorative covers for pens, cigarette boxes and lighters, as seen in this photo. She tries to maintain her sanity with the beading projects, but her mental will is failing her.

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