Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Little Neighbors

We decided to go for a short stroll outside our house to give you a glimpse of our lovely neighborhood. In a country where the average family has seven children, kids are everywhere and their little voices chirp constantly throughout the day.

In front of the gate of our house with our guard.

Landry plays ice cream man. The ice cream vendors usually have cute little jingles that they play as they pedal around the streets here, but one of them has the theme of the movie "Love Story" -- not the cheeriest ice cream music.

Popsicle girl enjoyed hamming it up for the camera.

A little neighborhood stroll -- a common sight around town.

Almost every evening and all day Friday (the Muslim holy day of Friday is the weekend here), we can sit in our yard and see dozens of kites flying in the air. It's mostly boys flying kites, at least on the streets. Here are three kites in the above picture, and below, one boy tries to launch his kite made of a simple plastic bag. It's not as easy as it looks -- my roommates have broken many a kite just trying to get them off the ground.


shaunie-shaun said...

landry, love the photo of you playing icecream man....
get me one of those nice big popsicles.
and i hope your van was playing mr tetanos music......
kissy kiss

tom said...

Landry! t'es meilleur au vélo qu'au ping pong on dirait!!!
je decouvre à l'instant ce site et m'empresse de le mettre en favori pour suivre vos tribulations depuis Paname Beach!

Anonymous said...

i am from afghanistan and I commend you for what you are doing, thank you