Saturday, May 19, 2007

Going Native: My First Burqa

Some may find the material below offensive,
in which case...
don't look.
Otherwise, click on image below to see larger version.


shagada said...

Did you actually wore it to town?
I heard it's really expensive by the way and that not all women can afford it. I kindoff understand that you joke about it but it's a bit weird still.

alisa said...

Shagada --
I haven't worn it to town yet, though I plan to do so, mostly for the sake of anonymity.
The cheapest burqa costs 250 Afghanis ($5), which is not cheap, considering police make about $70 a month or less. However, it's not like you need to buy a new one that often.
I've written a long article coming soon about burqas -- who wears them, why, how the burqa trend is changing. I'll post it soon.
By the way -- who's shagada?


habibi said...

"going native" is a tired statement almost always used by privileged people to make fun of indigenous poor and/or nonliterate people.

alisa said...

oh habibi dear -- someone thinks i'm making fun of the poor and illiterate of afghanistan? my main focus here is to report the stories of the poor, illiterate and downtrodden. may i make light one day so as to smile amid the sadness? i come from a long line of poor, nonliterate people. please, i would rather make fun of the rich.