Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Glimpse of Afghanistan

My mission here is to paint the lives of the Afghan people -- my most recent stories are on the children and the artists. (Check out the links below to my stories and audio/photo essays.)

My colleague, Rafiq, said he was going to take pictures at a school that teaches children the circus arts. Here's the story.

For the arts package I did, Landry fowarded me a story he found about the Afghan arts on one of our favorite Japanese online mags. Through this article, I met one Afghan artist who introduced me to several others. The findings? What appears to be an Afghan art renaissance. I included with the story an online audio/photo tour of Afghanistan's National Gallery -- this could be your one and only chance to see this art collection, unless you decide to take a trip to Kabul!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A bit presumptuous perhaps to think that you have started a renaissance by interviewing some artists -- have you checked out the exile afghan art scene around the world? -- not much journalistic humility here.


Anonymous friend: Thanks for pointing out my poor wording -- it is certainly not because of me that the art is coming alive again in Afghanistan, but these were the findings from my interviews. I re-wrote to clarify. As for exile Afghan art: I'm aware that there is a vibrant exile art scene, but I was focusing on art in Afghanistan and the changes happening here because of the changes in government. -alisa

nath said...

Je trouve que le reportage sur les enfants à l'école du cirque, est étonnant par cette belle note de joie dans l'apprentissage des arts du cirque.
Le cirque est la représentation du jeu, du spectacle et de voir ces gamins qui jouent en apprenant la dextérité du spectacle, c'edst une trés belle note!!!
Merci pour ce beau reportage, pour l'idée.