Thursday, December 21, 2006

Seafood Crap

My driver, Sher, and I decided that our 10-minute daily commute from home to work would be time for our lessons in English for him and Dari, one of Afghanistan's main languages, for me. "Yak - Doo - Say"... "One - Two - Three." We pass a herd of goats on the dusty, traffic-jammed Kabul roads. The goats, "buz," graze on piles of trash on the side of the road. Tomato is "banjana," which I remember because it sounds kind of like Italy's hello. On my way to work, we pass the kitsch Golden Key seafood restaurant, which has a big sign with pictures of crabs, fish, shrimp and three golden keys. He's learning the names for the seafood in the picture, but he doesn't have the pronunciation down yet. Each time we pass the restaurant, Sher points at the sign and says, "This is crap."

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